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Monday, May 7, 2012

What Is It About Me That Attracts Animals To My House?

I know this post isn't "beauty" related, but it does have to do with my life & I feel doing good deeds should be recognized in hopes that it may spread inspiration to others! Doing good is contagious! At least in my eyes.

For the past year 1/2 multiple kittens & puppies have somehow found their way to my house! I have fed & nurtured everyone of them. & Most of the times found homes for them. Recently though, the ones I was closest too have found their forever home.

I am soo excited & happy for them, but I can't help but miss them. I thought I would share some photos of the recent crew I had to say goodbye too! OoooOOO, that rhymed! :D

If you follow me on Instagram or on Twitter you may have seen some/most of these pictures!

Allow me to introduce Awsten's favorite little feline, we called her, Willow Smith.

                     As seen on my Instagram: Danger0usperson

I found this little lady hiding in a tree in my backyard back in December. She was terrified & tiny. I was so freaked that she might not be able to get down, that I called Awsten & asked if I should call the fire department
 -___- Heh. She, however, did get down just fine. She was one of the most loving kittys I have ever met in my life. She deserves the world. We wanted to keep her, but just couldn't. I also just couldn't bear seeing her on the streets anymore. She recently, this past weekend, found her forever home! <3 I am so happy for her. We'll miss you Willow!

I probably should've cropped the picture above, heh, but I like that my cat Romeo is semi in it :P

Also, this past weekend we found homes for these ADORABLE wiener dog puppies!
                                   As seen on my Instagram: Danger0usperson
                  There were two boys and a girl (the little black and brown one in the middle!)

There mama lives across the street from me, with some strange man. He always has a new dog & just lets them roam all around in the street, in the heat or in the cold. I have seen these dogs almost get run over & have almost ran them over myself D: When I saw she had puppies & new the temperature was rising I just couldn't bear the thought of them out there!

Luckily, I talked to their owner & he was cooperative & said if I could find homes for them then I could give them away for free! And we did!

                                             Below is the last picture I took with these little ones,
                                             I swear this little boy was after my heart! <3

                              As seen on my Instagram: Danger0usperson

This little lady below (asleep in Awsten's lap) was definitely after Awsten's heart as well!

                                                              D'AWWWWWWWW! <3
I guess my point of this post, MY MORAL OF THE STORY, so to speak, is that these animals were pretty much given nothing from day one & yet, were sooo extremely loving & trusting to people they hardly knew. Something that so many of us lack, trust. We as people, as humans, & as "the smarter breed" need to do more to help these creatures. There are soo many homeless animals out there & shelters are being filled up and are over capacity. 

Next time you see an animal wondering the street, perhaps see if it has a collar or take it to a shelter or vet to see if it has a microchip, maybe it has a home. Or maybe take that animal in and help find its forever home. 

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  1. Aww it makes me feel so sad when I see a stray animal. I can't even count how many strays we took in when I was growing up and either kept or found homes.

    I adopted my cat Sophie from a shelter a few years ago and it was the best rule I ever broke. (our old apartment didn't allow pets)

    ps.. if you ever find a stray dog like Lily I would probably drive to Texas to get her lol.